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A urine or saliva drug testing system that works hand-in-hand with your telehealth process at no cost to the patient, insurer or the doctor.

Remote Drug Testing in a TeleHealth World

Learn how you can continue drug testing your patients remotely.


COVID-19 has changed our world but UDT's are still critical to reduce the risks to your practice created by drug seekers, illicit drugs and dangerous drug to drug interactions.

In response to the COVID-19 distancing requirements and reduced face-to-face visits, Toxicology Management Services (TMS) has developed Tele-TOX, a new urine or saliva drug testing collection system that works hand-in-hand with your telehealth process.

If specimen substitution is a concern, test with saliva during the telehealth appointment.  The patient can be observed opening and filling the numbered, sealed collection device and securing it in the pre-paid delivery package. 


You now have options:  collect traditionally in office OR request a specimen from the patient at home.


You just order a test online and request a mailed test.


We will mail your patient a small package with instructions, a collection device with barcode, specimen bag, and a prepaid return postage label.


The patient mails their specimen directly to the lab.


Results are available online the moment the lab is done processing the sample.


There is no additional charge to the patient, insurer or practice for this new service.  

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