The TMS Circle of Care

A Winning Scenario For Patient, Provider, Laboratory And Payer

Patient | Provider | Payer

The TMS Circle of Care

For medication monitoring to be truly effective, it is crucial for the process to be a winning scenario for the patient, the provider and the payer. Toxicology Management Services works to create solutions that work in the best of interest for all parties. Together, we can make our communities a safer place.

The TMS Think Tank

The TMS Think Tank is a select group of physicians and payers working with Toxicology Management Services offering a ground level perspective of the issues facing doctors and payers dealing with patients in pain. The insight gained by this group guides TMS in solutions we bring to our clients.


Would you like to be part of TMS’s Think Tank?

Medication Monitoring
When you work with TMS you get a complete team... We are not a lab.
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