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Allergy Testing

In-Office Testing For Primary Care Physicians

Bringing Allergy Testing Back to Primary Care Physicians

Millions of Americans in the United States are suffering from allergies. Many take the route to allergists, in hope of finding the relief that they so desperately need, but find themselves subjected to long waits for appointments, painful testing, and then the weekly injections.


Using an FDA approved patented testing kit which allows for “needle-less” and “painless” allergy testing, Primary Care Physicians are taking control of their patient’s allergy testing needs.


  • Pain free allergy skin test

  • Test for 80 different regional allergies

  • Gold standard for allergy testing

  • Testing and immunotherapy have a 25 year track record

  • Medical assistant can perform the 20 minute pain free test

  • Utilize sublingual or subcutaneous immunotherapy

  • FDA approved ingredients, 2 patents awarded, clinical trial abstracts/white papers in digital form

  • Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurers reimburse for testing & prep of injection

  • Symptoms warrant testing, and can avoid potential malpractice suits

Our FDA approved

 testing kit allows

for "needle-less" and "painless" testing.

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