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COVID-19 Testing

 for Employers & Clinics

Knowing is Half the Battle

Diagnosing Covid-19 is crucial to tracking its spread and evaluating the measures necessary to stop it. Free public testing has been woefully inadequate and insurance coverage of testing has been spotty at best.  Employers have stepped up by offering COVID testing to employees as part of back to work programs and Clinics to their patients looking to get results faster than 7-14 days at most free sites.


Offering both Viral and Antibody testing, TMS has partnered with labs across the country to offer a solution that provides the turnaround time and accuracy the public needs.



  • Bring employees back with a balanced testing protocol.

  • Instill confidence in your employees by having a crucial piece of every back to work program in place.

  • No need to hassle with insurance.

  • Industry leading turnaround times.



  • Offer a cash solution the public is demanding.

  • Assist your community by identifying carriers of COVID-19.

  • Utilize existing staff time to expand your current offerings.


Easy as 1,2,3

  1. Purchased kits arrive within 3-5 business days. 

  2. Collection is coordinated by trained medical personal.

  3. Results are generally available within 48 hours of the sample’s arrival at the lab.


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