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Genetic Testing

Know your patient...from the inside out

Personalized Medicine Has Arrived

Most common pain medications require activation by an enzyme called CYP2D6 to become effective. But, approximately half of patients have genes that alter the function of CYP2D6. By knowing a patient’s predefined metabolic tendencies, as revealed through a basic genetic test, months of trial and error may be eliminated. In doing so, the possibility of mismanaged pain treatment or toxic reactions while a physician attempts to manually zero in on the best dosage for each individual patient can be avoided.

The benefits of genetic testing

  • Improved Patient Outcomes

  • Reduced Risk of Harmful Drug Interactions

  • Reduced Risk of Adverse Drug Events

  • Easy to Interpret Genetic Reports

  • Customized Patient Treatment Plan

“Approximately $300 billion is wasted each year on drugs that do not work in people who carry certain genes. These people never receive the full benefit from these drugs, while others experience dangerous side effects”

Dr. Anita Gupta  

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