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Trusting Sales Reps With Billing Codes?

It's always seemed a little odd to us that providers would seek billing advice from non-billing experts like manufacturers and sales reps; but, we've seen it first hand.

One company completely agrees with us and went the extra mile. Regenative Labs, a leading HCT/P manufacturer, and AAPC, the nation's largest medical coding, training, and certification association, recently announced a strategic healthcare compliance collaboration.

Regenative Labs understands how their HCT/P product can be used for homologues use and the AAPC understands medical coding. It was a perfect match for providers.

AAPC will deliver healthcare providers important coding resources, including full skeletal illustrations and applicable DX codes for Regenative Labs Wharton's jelly allografts products for specialties, including Orthopedics, Pain Management, Podiatry, and Rheumatology. In addition, AAPC will create a customized web-based training module to ensure providers understand how to utilize more specific homologous applications with current DX codes to support accurate procedural reimbursement for these products.

If you'd like to receive a copy of the Coding Guide or more information about Regenative Labs, please click here and we'll get you everything you need.

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