Fluid Flow by BioLab

Amniotic Liquid Allograft

Accessible Regenerative Medicine

Fluid Flow is a regenerative flowable, that is recognized by CMS for treating inflammation.  It can be a replacement for patients with extended exposure to cortisone and other steroids that still experience pain.


All natural, Fluid Flow is a protein product.  It is not a Stem cell or live cell product making it shelf stable.  It can actually aid stem cell therapy, because it can and will signal the patient’s own stem cells to activate and helps break up the scar tissue and allows the body to better recover.


Applicable Conditions

  • Tendonitis

  • Fasciitis

  • Joint Pain

  • Bursitis

  • Meniscus Tears

  • Wound Care

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Full Body Applications

  • Back/Spine

  • Shoulder

  • Hip

  • Knee

  • Ankle

  • Foot

Extremely Versatile with Many Applications

Fluid Flow:  Stands Apart

  • Recognized by CMS for treating inflammation

  • Payable by Medicare and Commercial Payers

  • No Storage Freezers – Shelf Stable

  • No “Cash Only” Requirement 

  • No Thawing or Prep Needed

  • Benefit Verification Services

  • Pre Authorization Services Included

  • On Demand Ordering

  • Physician Controlled Billing and Collections

Lab Experiments

Payable by Federal and Commercial Payers

Fluid Flow Resources

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Instructions for Use

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Fluid Flow Coding Guide